The Old Man down The Road
To twelve-year-old Jacob Hunter, moving with his family to a small town in south Mississippi – a place he’d never even heard of – means little more than having to get used to a new house, a new school, and trying to find new friends. In less than a week, his world will be changed in ways he could never have imagined

A terrifying chain of events, set in motion by a simple prank, will serve to forge an unlikely bond between Jacob and Jim Hanes – a lonely, bitter old drunk. And, as recurring nightmares and haunting visions begin to blur reality, he will come to discover the true power of friendship, redemption, and the hope of a child sustained by the power of faith. But will it be enough when he finds himself pitted against a dark evil that has long slept, deep within the blackest corners of the soul of The Old Man Down The Road?

Ken Hall, Jr. lives with his family in south Mississippi. This is his first novel

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